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Reasons Why Dad Needs a Massage

Did you know Dad's love massage too?

Consider giving dad a massage for Father's Day

Reasons why Dad's love massage therapy

1. Golfing and Fishing can be a pain

Yes, these traditional Dad’s Day sports can be fun, but they can also be seriously stressful. Packing up the boat and being on your feet all day casting lines can put a serious strain on your back. Golf is great, but all that walking and endless swings can make muscles tense. Instead, get Dad a gift card where all he needs to do is show up and lay down.

2. Promotes Better Sleep

39% of men sleep less than 6 hours a night on average. But a relaxing massage that releases muscle tension can promote more restful sleep. If your pops is constantly refilling his “Best Dad Ever” mug with coffee, a massage could be just the ticket!

3. Shows you care

A massage shows you have been thinking of dad and you want to do something special for him.

To purchase your gift card or schedule your massage for dad please contact us at 615-689-7513 or book online at

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