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Make Self-Care A Priority This Year!

How is everyone doing with their New Years Resolutions? We’ve all been there of course; we set goals to lose 20 pounds, to go to the gym, or to stop procrastinating…but it’s so easy to let the big ideas fall by the wayside as expectant January turns into cold February and can’t be bothered March.

One resolution that you really should keep is to make sure that you include more self-care in your daily life in 2021. It’s not an option, it’s a priority. Even those of us who have busy lives – a family, a job and responsibilities, remember that you can’t fill from an empty cup and if your own cup of well-being is empty, you won’t have the capacity or the inclination to think about pouring a cup for anyone else!

So, what do we think is the number one thing you need to make time for next year? You. And a relaxed, contented you will be. Good thing for you, and your family and workmates. Now is the time to decide how you intend to look out for yourself in the coming year. Of course, we believe that massage therapy should be high on your list of things to schedule in on a regular basis. Just one massage session a month even – it will give you something to look forward to, a session of me-time where you can focus on your own wants and needs for an hour or so and address any niggling physical problems that might be irritating you.

Relaxation is key; along with regular massage therapy you could try some yoga or pilates, at home or in a class.

Meditation – it’s on the list for many of us but make this year the year you take that ten minutes in the bath or as you sit in bed, and really focus on breathing and mindfulness. Try an app to get you in the meditation mood and you’ll be zoning out in no time.

Try all of these ideas for a happier, healthier and more relaxed you in 2021…Happy February!

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