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Tips For a Healthy Body

Sometimes I go a little too long without getting a massage, but who hasn't? As soon as I lay on the warm cozy massage table I remember why I started my journey as a massage therapist.

The power of human touch is absolutely incredible. Almost immediately I can feel the tension melt away from my temples and I can begin to think more clearly. I feel as if my pain and stress has taken over my mind. 

There is such a powerful connection between the skin and the brain. Massage not only releases tensions within the body but fuels the body’s need for physical touch. 

During a massage session, while your therapist is working through knots and tight muscles, he or she is also communicating with your nervous system through physical touch. 

Massage therapy has been found to reduce physical and emotional pain, anxiety, and depression. Have you noticed an improvement in your mood after a therapeutic massage? During a massage session, endorphins are released which the brain positively responds to in the form of feeling happy, calm, and taken care of. 

When you make massage a priority, you are also making your mental and physical health a priority. Make time for “me time” part of your routine.

To me massage therapy isn't a luxury, but a necessity. I often find that people have a hard time spending the money on taking care of themselves. But think about it:

Most people spend $5/day on a coffee every day. That averages out to $150 a month

While a cup of coffee makes us feel better for a short while, a massage will allow you to feel good all the time. Investing in yourself is always the very best money well spent,

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