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Pre-Wedding Spa and Beauty Must-Do’s

Every bride wants to look her best on her big day – and most brides spend a lot of money on the gown and their hair beforehand. It’s always good to get your beauty routine in place too, so that you know for sure you’ll look glowing and radiant in all your wedding photos.


Give your face some a bit of TLC pre-wedding day, especially if you know that you’re prone to breakouts or suffer with rosacea (or any other skin concerns). Speak to your aesthetician in advance and they can tailor a treatment plan just for you. Ideally you need to start a couple of month to six weeks before the day, with the last facial a week or so beforehand.

Waxing and Threading

It goes without saying that you should book in for a wax appointment a few days before your wedding, paying attention to the four key areas: legs, bikini line, underarms and brows. If you haven't opted for an eyebrow treatment such as microblading, consider threading which offers a professional finish and long-lasting results. When to have it: A few days before the wedding to let any irritation subside and before re-growth.

Manicure and Pedicure

A manicure and pedicure will add the final touch to your glamorous wedding look. Opt for a sophisticated, understated gel polish for a long-lasting look that resists chips and smudges. Gel nails are best booked in a couple of days before the wedding.


Finally…when everything is beautified and ready, the wedding plans are completed and you need a breather, it’s time for a massage. Treat yourself to a full body massage – get the therapist to pay extra attention to areas where you hold onto tension, like your upper back and shoulders. This is your pre-wedding reward – unwinding you after the stress of wedding organization and making sure you’re ready to enjoy the day. Book this for as close to the wedding day as you can, once the majority of things are organized. Another idea to relax with your bridal party while you are getting ready the morning of your morning with a 15-20 minute chair massage. Not only will this allow the massage therapist to melt the tension away from your shoulders, but a chair massage is also a great gift for your bridal party for being there for you during the whole wedding planning. From the happy tears when you got engaged, to the angry tears to the frustrated tears when something didn't go as planned. Then to the joyous tears once you walked down the happy isle. By giving the gift of a chair massage to your wedding party it is your way of expressing how much you appreciated their help for planning your bridal shower, bachelorette party and even the wedding details. It shows you care.

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